Where Mountains Meet the Spa:
Detoxing the Body & Mind

Anyone who’s spent time in nature knows of its immense healing powers. It’s in the symphony that birds sing to us, the crisp breeze we feel on our cheeks, and in the mesmerizing sound of a crackling campfire. Nature makes us feel great!

However, our busy schedules tend to quickly fill our days, and it may feel tricky to try and squeeze in ample rest & relaxation time. Luckily for us, it doesn’t require signing up for a grand excursion to reap the health benefits that nature has to offer.

All we need is to look to a common practice in Japan, called Shinrin-yoku. Translated to English, this can be called forest bathing. At first glance, the term may seem a bit unusual. And although stumbling upon a secluded bathtub in the forest would be quite the sight to see, that’s not exactly what this practice is all about. Rather, it’s the idea of fully taking in the atmosphere of the forest. And surprisingly, we don’t even need to go to the forest to do it.

We all know the refreshing scent of a forest after a good rain, it’s energizing. Well, as it turns out, that lovely forest air our noses are drawn to is full of health-boosting particles called phytoncides. Put simply, they’re essential oils that trees produce and exude into the surrounding atmosphere, creating a forcefield-like armor around themselves to protect against harmful bugs and disease. Pretty cool, right? Just wait, it gets better. When these superstar oils are ingested by humans, they increase the activity level of NK (Natural Killer) cells in our immune systems. These little guys have the power to immensely help us fight off anything from a common cold, to cancer.

Taking a trip to the forest & breathing in its atmosphere can heal us in more ways than one? This is great news! However, for those of us who want to take in all the healthy tree oils we can get, without having to commit to a week-long forest excursion, this is even better news. These immunity-boosting oils can be found in common essential oils to diffuse in your home, as well as in body lotions, sugar scrubs, soaps, you name it. Anything infused with a high-quality tree oil will get the job done.

One of my favorite ways to get in some self care time is by doing something I know is healthy for my body and mind. What better way to do this than treating yourself to a spa day? Not every spa you’ll visit has health-boosting treatments just waiting to be discovered, but if you find yourself in the mountainous Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, you’ll find a luxurious spa that does. In fact, the Coeur d’Alene Resort Spa has an array of phytoncide-filled experiences that are sure to leave you feeling recharged and restored. These wonderful gems are called Signature Experiences, and they’ve surely been named this for a good reason. Coeur d’Alene and the surrounding North Idaho area is home to many miles of national forest, more than fifty breathtaking lakes, rivers that run through mountain valleys, and countless wildlife that call the area home. In other words, this is what we’re known for, so it’s only natural for us to call these health-centered experiences our signature ones.

If you’re a fellow forest fanatic looking to spice up your self-care day, you can’t miss out on our Fragrant Forest Signature Experience. This wonderful experience brings you a spruce and cedar scrub, natural elements shower, a Swedish massage, scalp massage, and a mineral soak, with the complimentary option to add in even more health-boosting essential oils! Does it get any better than that? And if you’re feeling more floral, we have a Lavender Mountain Spirit Signature Experience, as well as a handful of other invigorating options.

If you’re now finding yourself daydreaming of this peaceful self-care day, look no further than our Spa Gift Cards to give yourself or someone you know the gift of wellness!

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