women's hair services

Haircut, styling and color prices vary according to hair length, thickness and special requests.
All hair services include a complimentary glass of wine or champagne.

Custom Hair Treatment ( 50 minutes)
Cleansing of the hair, hair mask and relaxing scalp massage
$70 without cut | $85 with cut

Haircut and Style
$60 & up

Bang Trim
$20 & up

Shampoo and Style
$50 & up

Event Style
$85 & up

Roots Only Color
$70 & up

All-Over Color
$90 & up

Partial Highlights
$95 & up

Full Highlights
$125 & up

$150 & up

Add Mini Foils (5-10 Foils)
$40 & up

Wedding Hair

Exclusively available to Resort Wedding Package Brides

men's hair services

It's the ultimate salon experience for men.
All hair services include a complimentary glass of wine or champagne.

Ultimate Barber Cut & Style
(men’s haircut, hot towel treatment & nail tune-up)
$50 & up

Men’s Cut
$40 & up

Men’s Hair Color
$35 & up

Gentleman’s Manicure
45 minutes
$50 Mon-Thurs | $55 Fri-Sun

Gentleman’s Pedicure
(nail tune-up, foot massage)
50 minutes
$70 Mon-Thurs | $75 Fri-Sun

children's salon services

A spa experience they will never forget! Children must be ages 12 & under.

Princess Manicure
25 minutes
$30 Mon-Thurs | $35 Fri-Sun

Princess Pedicure
50 minutes
$60 Mon-Thurs | $65 Fri-Sun

$40 & up

Princess Updo
$45 & up

manicures & pedicures

An elegant manicure and pedicure spa getaway can be a luxurious and relaxing experience, providing a much-needed escape from the stresses of everyday life. Plus - all nail services include a complimentary glass of wine or champagne!

Northwest Pedicure
50 minutes
This is our traditional pedicure. It includes a foot soak, scrub, nail care, callus removal, massage and polish.
$70 Mon-Thurs | $75 Fri-Sun

Custom Pedicure
60 minutes
This pedicure includes a foot soak, scrub, nail care, callus removal, massage, polish as well as an extra 10 minutes of customized care where we can focus on the needs of the Guest - such as an extra massage, additional callus removal, etc.
$75 Mon-Thurs | $80 Fri-Sun

Sole Radiance
80 minutes
This is our Deluxe Pedicure - includes foot soak, scrub, nail care, callus removal, massage, polish, an extended massage, a paraffin treatment, and a foot masque.
$95 Mon-Thurs | $100 Fri-Sun

OPI Gel Polish
45 minutes
Gel polish is a polish that is cured under a UV Light to give a longer lasting wear. Our gel polish, OPI, can last up to 3 weeks.
$60 Mon-Thurs | $65 Fri-Sun

Gel Removal
30 minutes
Removal of Gel Polish
*Note: it is highly recommended that Gel Polish is removed professionally
$15 All Week

Gel-X Extensions Manicure
Allow 90 minutes
Gel-X is the world's first soft gel nail extension system! This beautiful manicure service is a great alternative option to acrylic nails - no filing needed, no dust, no odor, and no damage to natural nails! Gel-X is a "soft extension," meaning it artificially lengthens your nails but still feels flexible, not hard, plastic-y, and it is molded from gel. Unlike acrylic or hard-gel extensions, Gel-X tips don't just sit at the tip of the nails - rather, they cover the entire nail bed from cuticle to free edge.
$100 Mon-Thur | $110 Fri-Sun

Northwest Manicure
35 minutes
This is our Traditional Manicure. Includes nail care, hand massage and regular polish.
$50 Mon-Thurs | $55 Fri-Sun

Spa Manicure
60 minutes
Includes nail care, hand massage, polish, paraffin treatment, masque and scrub.
$70 Mon-Thurs | $75 Fri-Sun

Gentleman's Manicure
35 minutes
Includes nail care and a hand massage.
$50 Mon-Thurs | $55 Fri-Sun

Gentleman's Foot Therapy
50 minutes
Includes nail tune-up, foot massage.
$70 Mon-Thurs | $75 Fri-Sun

complements & add-ons

complements &

Reveal your most beautiful skin with our waxing services - our technicians specialize in hair removal.

Lip or Chin
$25 Mon-Thurs | $35 Fri-Sun

Cheek or Brow
$30 Mon-Thurs | $40 Fri-Sun

Full Face
$80 Mon-Thurs | $90 Fri-Sun

$35 Mon-Thurs | $45 Fri-Sun

1⁄2 Arm
$40 Mon-Thurs | $50 Fri-Sun

Full Arm
$60 Mon-Thurs | $70 Fri-Sun

½ Leg
$50 Mon-Thurs | $60 Fri-Sun

Full Leg
$85 Mon-Thurs | $95 Fri-Sun

Basic Bikini
$50 Mon-Thurs | $60 Fri-Sun

$85 Mon-Thurs | $95 Fri-Sun

French Bikini
$60 Mon-Thurs | $70 Fri-Sun

$60 Mon-Thurs | $70 Fri-Sun

tinting, lamination & lashes

Feel your best and look your best with these beauty services.


Brow Tint
$35 Mon-Thurs | $45 Fri-Sun

Lash Tint
$40 Mon-Thurs | $50 Fri-Sun


Classic Lashes
$185 Mon-Thurs | $195 Fri-Sun

Volume Lashes
$190 Mon-Thurs | $200 Fri-Sun

Lash Fills
$90 Mon-Thurs | $100 Fri-Sun

Lash Removal & Corrections
$95 & up Mon-Thurs | $105 & up Fri-Sun


Brow Lamination
Brow lamination—sometimes called brow sculpting—is for people who want the brow hairs to all fall in a uniform direction and stay in place day after day. Brows look thicker, straighter, and neatly groomed creating fuller-looking and more attractively shaped brows that typically last 4 to 6 weeks.
$100 Mon-Thurs | $110 Fri-Sun

sips & bites

Our lakeside resort spa offers a delectable food menu
and a refreshing drink menu to enhance your spa experience.

All food is crafted by the talented Culinary Team at Beverly's Restaurant, and all cocktails are created by the talented Mixology Team at Whispers Lounge.
Guests enjoy their bites at our Dining Bistro, offering unmatched views of Lake Coeur d'Alene. View a 3D Tour of our Dining Bistro HERE.

We kindly ask that all food reservations be made at the time of booking.