spa packages

Oh! Signature Experiences

Our signature experiences are unique to us - unique to our landscapes, our surrounding nature, our North Idaho minerals, Pacific Northwest herbs and botanicals - and so much more. OH! = only here (exclusively available at The Coeur d’Alene Resort Spa).

OH! Lavender Mountain Spirit

Mountain lavender scrub, aroma mineral soak, spruce & cedar massage, and lavender facial.

Allow 3.5 Hours: $430 Mon-Thurs | $450 Fri-Sun

OH! Fragrant Forest

Spruce & cedar scrub, natural elements shower, aroma mineral soak, spruce & cedar massage, and scalp massage.

Allow 3.5 Hours: $385 Mon-Thurs | $405 Fri-Sun

OH! Rain Fusion

Scalp massage, scrub, and waterfall Vichy shower massage

Allow 75 minutes: $245 Mon-Thurs | $255 Fri-Sun

Signature Coeur Stone Massage

Deeply relaxing hot stone massage paired with gem alignment; includes focused therapy on head, neck, face, and feet. The stones' heat takes the body into a state of meditation as gem placement along the spine grounds energy fields and helps the body heal from within. We use our signature Rose Quartz gem along with other precious stones to quell anger, clear negativity, and enhance positive energy in the heart and spirit.

Allow 100 minutes: $330 Mon-Thurs | $350 Fri-Sun

Lakeside Escape Experiences

Inspired by Lake Coeur d'Alene, these packages offer a unique and luxurious combination of our guests' favorite services.

Relax & Renew

Aroma mineral soak, Swedish massage, and custom facial.

Allow 2.5 Hours: $300 Mon-Thurs | $320 Fri-Sun

Immerse & Indulge

Scrub, aroma mineral soak, and Swedish massage.

Allow 2.5 Hours: $300 Mon-Thurs | $320 Fri-Sun

Mother Daughter Retreat

Aroma mineral soak, massage, pedicure, manicure, and lunch.

Allow 4.5 hours: $585 Mon-Thurs | $625 Fri-Sun

Northwest Dream

Aroma mineral soak, scrub, Swedish massage, custom facial, manicure, pedicure, and lunch.

Allow 6 hours: $560 Mon-Thurs | $580 Fri-Sun


Pregnancy massage, organic facial, pedicure, and lunch.

Allow 4 hours: $365 Mon-Thurs | $385 Fri-Sun

Kur Experience

Aroma mineral soak, Swedish massage, and choice of moor mud wrap or spirulina wrap.

Allow 2.5 hours: $300 Mon-Thurs | $320 Fri-Sun

Couples Treatments

Suite Indulgence

Our signature couple's service, this package includes a full-body massage, relaxing foot rub, hand softening treatment, and acupressure face massage for two in our Couple's suite. Reconnect with a romantic fireside moment overlooking Lake Coeur d'Alene while you indulge in champagne and chocolates together.

Allow 2 Hours: $610 Mon-Thurs | $650 Fri-Sun

Relax & Reconnect

Renew your connection amid soothing treatments. Includes side-by-side full-body massages, spa lunch, and side-by-side pedicures for two.

Allow 3 Hours: $440 Mon-Thurs | $480 Fri-Sun

Couples Aromatherapy Massage

Relax and reconnect together and receive side-by-side aromatic custom massages in our romantic Couple's Suite featuring a cozy fireplace and ambient lighting.

50 minutes: $310 Mon-Thurs | $330 Fri-Sun

75 minutes: $450 Mon-Thurs | $470 Fri-Sun

100 minutes: $600 Mon-Thurs | $640 Fri-Sun

Sips & Bites

Our lakeside resort spa offers a delectable food menu and a refreshing drink menu to enhance your spa experience. All food is crafted by the talented Culinary Team at Beverly's Restaurant, and all cocktails are created by the talented Mixology Team at Whispers Lounge.

Guests enjoy their bites at our dining bistro, offering unmatched views of Lake Coeur d'Alene. Consider checking out our 3D tour where you can take a peek at our dining bistro. We kindly ask that all food reservations be made at the time of booking.