Springtime & Self-Care

With blooming flowers and buzzing bees all around, spring is one of the most exciting times of the year. Everything’s fresh – we’re just beginning to recover from the cold, snowy winter, and I think I speak for everyone when I say I’m craving a little bit of sunshine and self-care time!

Everyone celebrates the return of spring their own way. Some like to start a garden, wash the baseboards, or perhaps decide to tackle the messy garage. Whatever it may be, these seasonally motivated activities are often referred to as “spring cleaning” and are done as a way to rid spaces of the old and welcome in the new.

If the phrase, “spring cleaning” sounds daunting to you, you’re not alone! Let’s face it: cleaning the whole house isn’t everyone’s idea of a good time. And that’s okay! Spring cleaning doesn’t always have to start with breaking out the broom. Spring cleaning is about taking care of what you have – going through your space and deciding what to toss or keep, whether it be physical or mental.

When it starts to feel like there’s no time to relax, it may be time to pause, slow down, and do just that! We’re all thrilled with the seasonal return of high energy and excitement, but we can’t deny that saying goodbye to one season and hello to the next can take a toll on us – so don’t hesitate to give yourself a little extra TLC. Life is unpredictable, but there will always be one constant: you!

To kickstart your springtime self-care journey, here are just a few DIY self-care ideas that will help calm the body and soothe the mind:

Give yourself a “Me Day”
Create-your-own Spa Day – Pssst! The Resort Spa has all the supplies for a perfect DIY spa day!
Read a self-help book
Go on a picnic (with a friend or solo!)
Watch or listen to a meditation video or podcast

If you’re looking to go down the Spa route – and we hope you are – we are here to help! Sometimes a DIY spa day just doesn’t cut it when you’re craving the real thing! If that’s the case, check out our Spring Awakening Spa Specials that you can enjoy throughout the month of April!

Spring Awakening Spa Specials

Dine & Spa: Side-by-Side Pedicure Special (1 Hour) M-Th $140 | F-S $150
Receive side-by-side Northwest Pedicures and receive a complimentary $30 Gift Card valid at Dockside Restaurant.

Renewed Radiance Facial & Massage (2 Hours) M-Th $200 | F-S $220
Revitalize your mind, body and skin – this 50 Minute Swedish Massage and 50 Minute Customized Facial will leave you glowing with rejuvenation!

Fleur de Spring Facial (50 Minutes) M-Th $120 | F-S $130
Experience our rejuvenating seasonal facial crafted with fresh, seasonal ingredients to impart a radiant springtime glow, leaving your skin feeling nourished and luminous. Includes a gift with purchase (while supplies last).

Spring Renewal Tips & Toes (2 Hours) M-Th $100 | F-S $110
Enjoy a revitalizing Manicure & Pedicure to beautify the hands & feet.

Seasonal Sea Salt Escape (2.5 Hours) M-Th $250 | F-S $270
Immerse & Indulge with an Aromatherapy Soak, Swedish Massage and Full Body Scrub with seasonal scents to exfoliate, invigorate and re-mineralize the skin.

And remember, don’t stress! Unlike multi-day home cleaning projects, self-care should be stress-free! You don’t need to find all the fancy tools or concoct extravagant ideas to enjoy healthy self-care. But the fanciness is always welcome! The whole purpose of taking time for yourself is to do things that make you happy and let you feel lighter. It may take time to learn about yourself and your needs but beginning that journey will always be worth it.

“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.” – Audrey Hepburn


Don’t wait to start planting the garden in your mind – soon enough you’ll be reaping the harvest!

Wishing you a sunny spring,

Kiersten Johnson
Blog Contributor, The Coeur d’Alene Resort Spa

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