Party Time:
Let’s Have a Group Spa Day!

One of the most wonderful and sacred things that we all share as humans is the need for connection. We long for a social tribe that will help carry us through all of life’s challenges and celebrations alike. For some, this tribe is made up of relatives. For others, it may be a group of lifelong friends who feel like family. This special companionship can also be found in sports teams, clubs, offices, schools, and anywhere else in between.

It feels good to know that whenever life knocks you down, there are people you can trust to catch you, pick you up, and point you back in the right direction. However, something that may be even better than the security of this rescue squad is the fact that they double as your party people. Not only are they there to give tough advice, be a comforting shoulder to cry on, and give heartwarming hugs, but they’re also there for you when life gives you a reason to celebrate! Whether it’s a golden birthday, a graduation celebration, baby shower or bachelorette party, what really makes the day are the loved ones who surround you. They have the power to make you feel truly special, loved, and worth celebrating.

Of course, there are those who don’t like to “make a fuss” over a special day or event. Sometimes this is because they don’t want their loved ones to take time out of their busy schedules to plan, cook, clean, prepare, and overall go to the trouble that comes along with being a wonderful host. Sometimes saying, “Don’t worry about it, we truly want to!” is enough to make this person cave and just let their friends throw them a party. There are other times when this simple reassurance isn’t enough, however. This is where group spa parties come into play. Yes, there are a million ways to throw an outside-the-house party that comes with a guilt-free clean-up crew. Going to a group pottery class, having an evening at the theatre, or even going ax throwing (for you thrill seekers) are all perfect examples of this.

And although the world is your oyster when it comes to party planning, here at The Coeur d’Alene Resort Spa, we believe the best way to celebrate with the people you love is by having a group spa party! Okay, maybe we’re a little biased…but for great reasons! In our spa, we create a serene environment. From the cozy robes and soothing music to the biophilic interior design and lake views beyond it, it’s near impossible to stress here.

Here at the Coeur d’ Alene Resort Spa, you get to fully relax and feel at your highest with your people. In the case you’re celebrating with family, your mind will be truly at ease. It’s such a wholesome feeling when your mind is calm and you’re surrounded by those who you already trust. On the other hand, if you’re spa-ing with, say, the ladies at your office, you may start the day with your guard up a bit. Work can be stressful, which can make people tense, and when people are tense, they’re quicker to argue with each other. But take those same stressed-out colleagues and put them in an environment where they’re cuddled up in their robes, getting the tension massaged out of them, and sipping on some delicious bubbly, and their attitudes are sure to flip a switch. Seeing this new side of your office mates can really expand your perspective on them. Suddenly, they’re real-life people who can kick back and share some laughs with their friends, and not just a person who’s hounding you to help lighten their workload.

Whether we’re talking about family, coworkers, teammates, or anyone else, it’s always a wonderful thing to experience something with someone that will help foster a shift in perspective which allows you to see them as a whole person. This is really what connection is all about. Learning to be a friend to those around you. Understanding that good days and bad days hit us all the same. Knowing that when a family member doesn’t have the social battery for small talk at dinner, a teammate lets a few things slip by, or a boss has a short fuse, it’s not because they don’t care about the family, the game, or their employees, but because they’re a person, whose mood can be subject to their circumstances.

Okay, enough blabbing about bonding, at the end of the day, we all know that spa parties are just plain fun! Maybe you really are throwing your friend a baby shower or bachelorette party, or you’re an office manager looking to get your crew on the same page without the ever-dreadful “team bonding exercises.” But if you’re not in any of these situations, you might just be a person, looking to give the gift of fun and relaxation to those who you know deserve it. In any case, we’re here to help make this dreamy day a reality. Learn more about our Group Spa Parties by clicking HERE Spa Parties Page – or you can contact our Group Spa Party Coordinator, Ashley Wiedenhoff, at We look forward to being your party host!

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