Our Signature Scent:
Finding Hints of Nature in Every Corner of
the Spa

Have you ever walked into a room and instantly felt a shift in both energy and mood? The four walls that surround us often play a big part in how we act, whether or not we’re conscious of it. Take grocery shopping, for example. I’m sure that many readers have had to make a last-minute trip to the store on the weekend, even though they didn’t want to. The parking lots can be pure chaos, the aisles may be crowded full of people blocking the pathway while staring at fifteen different types of paper towels, perhaps you hear kids screaming in the background, from both excitement and anger, and the checkout line is so long you start to question whether or not you really needed the chips and dip for the party you’re hosting later.

Was that mental picture a bit too real? Yeah, it was for me too. Let’s flip that picture. Just as a short trip to the grocery store on the weekend can quickly lead to stress, stepping into a more serene environment has the ability to bring those nerves right back down to the level they should be at. And once again, it’s all thanks to the right environment. But what makes up our environment? Is it just how aesthetically pleasing the things we’re looking at appear to us? Or the level of noise we’re forced to talk over? Surely not. While those two things contribute greatly to how a place makes us feel, there’s much more than that working in the background.

An interesting topic that has been gaining attention in recent years is how different scents can affect us – the near-instant impact they can have on mood, overall happiness, and even long-term health. Of course, not every scent we encounter will have a positive impact on us. Anyone who’s ever walked past a wastewater treatment facility can tell you that. But since there are so many good ones out there, we really want to share with you what we love most.

For us at the Coeur d’Alene Resort Spa, it’s our Signature Scent. And what is this signature scent exactly? What makes it so special? Well, if you’ve ever been to the scenic, forest-rich Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, you know that you see the mighty Balsam Firs and Cedar trees just as often as you see your neighbor (if not more!) That’s why we decided they should take the stage as our Spa’s Signature Scent.

Now that you know what it is – back to the good stuff! How could this Signature Scent of ours help you unwind, renew, or kickstart your day in the most freshening of ways? I’m so glad you asked. For starters, each and every one of our Signature Scent products are jam-packed with high-quality, organic ingredients that will leave you feeling their effects long after you’ve finished your daily routine. Chamomile, Calendula, Elder Flower, Slippery Elm Bark, and of course Spruce and Cedar, are just a handful of the many natural ingredients that fill our Signature Scent products. The ingredients alone are enough to give your mind and body a positive boost, but the benefits don’t stop there. What if we were to take these ingredients and combine them with Himalayan Pink Bath Salts that you could use in your upcoming self-care session? Talk about creating a serene environment! Dim the lights, set out a few candles, play some light music, and you’ve got the recipe for relaxation.

Of course, we can’t control how you set the mood for your at-home spa day, but we can give you the tools to do so! And luckily, we really did mix our Signature Scent with Himalayan Pink Bath Salts! Well, we can’t take all the credit. We owe a local friend of ours a big round of applause for crafting these amazing products for us. Locally made. Locally inspired. How much more local does it get? You can create this signature experience for yourself by purchasing our Rejuvenating Himalayan Pink Bath Salts, then letting your DIY imagination run wild. These earthy, aromatic bath salts aren’t the only form that our Signature Scent comes in, however. We also carry an Organic Bath & Body Oil, as well as an Organic Body Lotion.

These specially curated products of ours are only available in-person at the Coeur d’Alene Resort Spa, so it’s the perfect excuse to come in for a massage, facial, pedicure, or any of our other rejuvenating services (not that you need an excuse to come see us!) It’s also a great way to get some holiday shopping checked off the to-do list by browsing these and the abundance of other top-quality products that we carry.

We all know that the buzz of the holidays will fly right by us, and the last one of the season, beginning January 1st, is all about newness – reviving the soul & body. We know there are many ways you can choose to enter into this season, and we hope that you choose to take a step toward wellness by curating for yourself the most serene environment possible – we know your mind and body will thank you for it.

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