Infrared Saunas:
The Immense Skin & Body Benefits

Everyone loves a good self-care day. Even taking time for the little things that restore us can make a big difference in how our minds and bodies feel.

What comes to mind when you think of a relaxing self-care day? Is it cozying up on the couch with a good book? Is it some morning yoga time or maybe a peaceful bubble bath? These are all classic “me time” activities, but have you ever considered an infrared sauna for your self-care indulgences? If not, this blog post is surely worth a read. The benefits infrared saunas bring (on top of relaxation) might surprise you!

When sauna comes to mind, generally we think of the traditional hot sauna, ranging at 150 to 195 degrees Fahrenheit. Although an infrared sauna ranges quite a bit lower at 110 to 135 degrees Fahrenheit, its effects are similar to a traditional sauna and/or steam room, without the intense heat and humid air. Infrared saunas contain lamps which emit infrared light waves that are able to penetrate the skin, increasing core body temperature, generally causing more sweat than a traditional sauna.

It’s not just the presence of red lights and the increased amount of sweat that sets infrared saunas apart, however. There are numerous health benefits. For starters, being in a warm environment is relaxing to the mind, which can help ease anxiety and depression, as well as aid in better sleep. These are some pretty great perks, and it only gets better.

One of the most exciting benefits that comes from infrared sauna use is glowing skin. Not only does sweat allow the body to cleanse itself of toxins, but it also boosts the cell renewal process, as well as stimulates anti-inflammatory cytokines. To top it all off, infrared saunas can also have anti-aging effects due to the increased production of collagen! Having healthier, younger-looking skin will most definitely excite any beauty enthusiast, but for those more interested in overall health, we’ve got some fun facts for you too.

When sitting in an infrared sauna, you’ll notice sweat will appear pretty quickly. When this happens, the body begins its natural response, raising the heart rate and opening blood vessels to increase circulation. Essentially, your body thinks you’re exercising! Since this is the case, you’ll also get the heart health benefits that come along with moderate exercise, such as lower blood pressure. This process also aids in muscle recovery, pain relief, a boosted immune system, and much more.

Of course, nothing happens overnight. Just as you wouldn’t get in shape after doing ten push-ups then calling it a day, you won’t see results from infrared sauna use until it becomes part of your regular routine. However, if all you’re going for is relaxation, then you’ll surely get what you’re after the first go around!

If you’re considering beginning a health journey through infrared saunas (which we totally recommend!), be sure to read up on best practices and tips before getting into it. A good starting point for this can be found here.

One of my favorite aspects of infrared sauna use for health is that it’s calming. I can’t say I’ve come across too many heart healthy activities that consist of sitting in a warm, relaxing room, doing close to nothing while your body does the work for you. It’s really the perfect blend of health and relaxation!

Now, I know what you’re thinking. This sounds great! But what am I supposed to do now? The Coeur d’Alene Resort Spa has you taken care of. With each and every service at the Coeur d’Alene Resort Spa comes complimentary use of our infrared sauna. While a trip to the spa is an extraordinary way to spend any day, adding a complimentary, healthful sauna session is the cherry on top of it all. It’s the perfect way to try things out for the first time, or make it part of your self-care routine.

Whether it’s your first time visiting us, or you’re a seasoned spa-goer, it can be tough deciding what your R & R day will look like! Check out our Spa Services – no matter what you decide, you truly can’t go wrong.

Now that you have all the health info and you know how to make it happen, we’ll leave you to it! Hopefully we’ll see you soon, ready to get your self-care on!

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